About Me

Boyd Sherbourne, Psy.D. Boyd Sherbourne, Psy.D.

I have over 25 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology providing services to adolescents and adults in numerous settings. I am authentic, thorough, and have a passion for my chosen career. I’ve been trained in psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. I also provide intelligence and psychological testing, as well as assessments for a variety of conditions.

Professional affiliations:
Oregon Psychological Association (OPA)
Southern Oregon Association of Psychologists (SOAP)

Work Experience:

AdultsAdult outpatient
Adult psychiatric inpatient
Family services
Emergency room departments
Crisis clinics
Veterans Administration
Adult aftercare
Substance abuse
Adult jails
Adult corrections
University counseling centers
Community mental health
AdolescentsAdolescent outpatient
Adolescent psychiatric inpatient
Adolescent therapeutic boarding school
Adolescent crisis
Adolescent substance abuse
Family service