Today you are finding the courage to take the steps to lead a full and satisfying life. The reasons people seek psychotherapy are varied and complex. There is no right or wrong issue, it is more important that you feel the need to attend to something that is troubling you and that you hope to gain insight.

At times it feels that we have run out of options and can no longer rely on our own resources to be able to understand what we feel. This is something we all face at some time in our lives. How we deal with it varies, but one way of doing so is through the process of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is an active process, to explore and discover the unique elements of your life's experiences and how they have impacted you. It is a journey to strengthen your personal knowledge and awareness in order to be able to comprehend more of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and perceptions. In this way you can broaden your understanding and in doing so, give yourself the chance to change what you do not find helpful.

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